Mitigate Golang Flaky Testing Pain with Rerun Support

Background ● In software API automation testing, users will often encounter issues when conducting automation testing in a heterogeneous environment such as:  ○ intermittent unstable network  ○ 3rd party API temporary outage  ○ temporary OS environment issues  ● Test cases failures in such situations do not truly represent product code failure. Triaging these kinds of…More

Android UI Espresso Testing – Featuring Code Coverage Analysis

Google Test Lab  “Firebase Test Lab is a cloud based app-testing infrastructure. With one  operation, you can test your android or iOS app across a  wide variety of devices and  device configurations, and see  the results—including logs,  videos, and screenshots—in  the Firebase console” – Test Matrix Key capabilities Google Test Lab – Robo  Testing  Robo test is a test tool that is…More

QA Test Execution Maturity Model

Background Definition: Testing a ticket is comprised of two processes, namely, designing test cases followed by executing them. Disclaimer This page focuses on defining the growth stages of a QA’s capability to perform the second process (i.e. executing test cases) via a Test Execution Maturity Model. Definition: A Test Execution Maturity Model (TEMM) is a roadmap for a feature QA in their journey of acquiring…More

SDLC CICD and Jenkins-GitLab Integration

SDLC and CICD Architecture The Continuous Integration Pipeline is the background we wanted to do Jenkins-GitLab Integration. We wanted to achieve a goal that: as soon as dev merges a code to a branch, we can quickly run a pipeline as below to provide him a CI result: pull dev’s latest code build and deploy…More

Use ETCD Service Discovery in test infra

Recently I did a sharing to the team about ETCD service discovery. It also can be used to implement your test infra to hide test server changes from your infra. Some slides from my presentation The below is the architecture (I also used MySQL, Kafka and ES for other task requirements. You can ignore it)…More

Build Performance Testing Infra with JMeter + InfluxDB + Grafana + Perfmon

Performance Testing First of all, if you don’t know Performance Testing much, below materials are good to kick off Web Application Performance Requirements Deriving Methodology: Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications: So now your boss is asking you to do Performance Testing. JMeter. You need to have a performance testing tool which is…More

Client Testing Process

To achieve below objectives, I defined the testing process for my team as below screeshot, Objective – I wanted to test my feature ASAP Use development branch – dev can check in code into development branch any time directly without code review QA can update or request dev to modify configuration or code in development…More

Continuous Delivery Maturity Model

For a practitioner of Release Engineering, Continuous Delivery is not merely just utilizing tools and doing some automated activities. It has to request everyone involved in the process of delivery to coordinate together to achieve the delivery goal. In this article I will introduce two Continuous-Delivery-Maturity-Models and explore how we can practice them in our continuous…More