Test Case Design Mindset At a Glance

How do you write test cases? What comes to your mind when you think of trying a new product, a newly released video game, or a new dish? I struggled to understand how to design a good test case when I first started as a junior software quality assurance engineer (QA). One of the attribute…More

Developing Automated Tests with the Four-Phase Test Pattern

So one fine day, after waking up to the beautiful sound of male birds doing their mating calls in the morning (yes, this is true), you decide that it is time to write some automated tests. Writing individual isolated tests sounds easy enough, but have you considered how your tests will run in an automation…More

Converting from manual QA to a system QA

“API is what ah?” “Huh, what’s protobuf?” “Dude, can help me? I have no idea how to do this git thingy” “Oh sh*t, I just accidentally deleted my entire branch…” That’s pretty much what happened when you throw a manual QA some system QA’s work. It wasn’t easy, but well, when there’s a will, there’s…More

Test Development Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Have you ever wonder what would be the difference between the code written by a Developer vs Quality Assurance(QA) Engineer? Test development, similar to software development we need to have design patterns in order for us solve the recurring problems such as unreadable code, inconsistency coding patterns, high efforts of maintaining the test code, etc.…More

First Taste of Automation Testing

Automation testing (AT) is often sought as a Continuous Integration, Continuous Development (CI/CD) solution to increased efficiency, effectiveness and higher quality for software products. Its application and usage, however, goes way beyond just “automating tests”. Stepping into Shopee as an AT QA has put this into perspective as I not only become part of the…More

Merge Request Template Example in Automated Testing

In this article, we will share about one of the best practices that QA Engineering team could develop to ensure the quality of the test scripts. WHAT is a MR Template Merge Request Template (MR Template) — it’s a checklist for us to ensure our test scripts/code is good to go and also as a ‘QA’…More

Automated Testing Nightly Run

In this article, we will discuss about What is ‘Nightly Run’, Why we need it and How does it helps in our testing process. The Background As a software testing engineer, we often faced many blockers/issues with the testing environment or tools. This causes us have to spend more time on debugging and preparing the environment in order to complete our testing.…More

SDLC CICD and Jenkins-GitLab Integration

SDLC and CICD Architecture The Continuous Integration Pipeline is the background we wanted to do Jenkins-GitLab Integration. We wanted to achieve a goal that: as soon as dev merges a code to a branch, we can quickly run a pipeline as below to provide him a CI result: pull dev’s latest code build and deploy…More

Use ETCD Service Discovery in test infra

Recently I did a sharing to the team about ETCD service discovery. It also can be used to implement your test infra to hide test server changes from your infra. Some slides from my presentation The below is the architecture (I also used MySQL, Kafka and ES for other task requirements. You can ignore it)…More