Huang Luohua Locke (黄罗华)

Letter to the Reader

Dear reader,

As a veteran of Software Quality Engineering industry for 13 years, I really appreciated all of the helps (and the code & solution I copied/pasted) from the software testing community. Now it is the time for me to give back to the community and contribute a little bit of my own engineering practice, I and some of the other QA professionals are building this publication to try to share our practices with the community.

Our vision is we are thriving to build the most vibrant software quality engineering blog in Singapore.

Disclaimer: Engineering is about practice and trade-off, all practices we shared here just mean it worked in our scenarios so you should have your own judge. All of the opinions expressed here are our own.

Have a smooth testing.



About Me

I graduated from Sun Yat-sen University, with a Bachelor of Software Engineering. And currently I am pursuing my part-time Master Degree of Software Engineering from National University of Singapore.

The most (wonderful) part of my career so far had been spent is with Oracle Java Platform Group/Sun Microsystems who is really a GREAT GREAT GREAT employer. It allowed, trusted and empowered me to work from home (it doesn’t mean no-work-only-life) and I really liked it. Working from home for around 6 years was really cool (during this 6-year time slot, I got married, became a father, owned my first apartment, owned my first car, and became a Principle Engineer in the industry). There was really some fabulous stuff I had done during my work-from-home golden time, say, made contributions to the JDK test repo.

In Jan 2018, I relocated to Singapore (left Oracle due to reorg), a beautiful island city-state, and now I am working for an internet company as a software quality engineer.

My community involvement: https://db.openjdk.java.net/people (hluohua)

My testing patent: https://bit.ly/3gcbWfK

IEEE Conference Paper (pending review): https://luohuahuang.files.wordpress.com/2022/04/qex-icsme.pdf

Try to make my work as fun as my party, and make my party as important as my work.