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I am Huang Luohua Locke (黄罗华) (a.k.a my name is Fabulous), graduated from Sun Yat-sen University, with a Bachelor of Software Engineering. And currently I am pursuing my part-time Master Degree of Software Engineering from National University of Singapore.

The most (wonderful) part of my career so far had been spent is with Oracle Java Platform Group/Sun Microsystems who is really a GREAT GREAT GREAT employer. It allowed, trusted and empowered me to work from home (it doesn’t mean no-work-only-life) and I really liked it. Working from home for around 6 years was really cool (during this 6-year time slot, I got married, became a father, owned my first apartment, owned my first car, and became a Principle Engineer in the industry). There was really some fabulous stuff I had done during my work-from-home golden time, say, I ever made contributions to the JDK project – https://db.openjdk.java.net/people (search my uid: hluohua in the page).

In Jan 2018, I relocated to Singapore (left Oracle due to reorg), a beautiful island city-state and now I am working for an internet company for making a living. I tried to make my daily work not that tedious and was issued a patent (DEVICE AND METHOD FOR RE-EXECUTING OF TEST CASES IN SOFTWARE APPLICATION) from it.


Try to make my work as fun as my party, and make my party as important as my work

Write to me (Tell me, tell me, just how. What am I supposed to do right now),

  • luohua dot huang at gmail dot com

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Some of the testing framework I ever used when worked for Java Org,

Some photos which could throw me back lots of (too good) memories in my career:

  • Testing the Trinity Bible (My salute to the late Mr. Boris Beizer).  This book was introduced to me by JDK Quality Architect Alexander Shura Ilin who is also one of the authors of https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/CodeTools/jcov when we met at Sun Microsystems Campus, Santa Clara. He taught me a lot about how to make sense of software testing. If I have another trip to SCA, I wish I could buy him a beer to say thank you (Oh, did I forget to mention Mr. Randy who was my direct manager? Randy owns a very big big farm in Ohio and he liked to show us how he maintained his farm during our meetings! <Smile!>) This is a book every time when I read back that it could still give me new inspirations.

  • Sun Microsystems Santa Clara Campus. That time when I was doing business travel there it is already part of Oracle. I had the honor to be an intern at Sun Microsystems when I was still a student. Lots of good memories… I was supposed to join Sun Microsystems as a Solaris engineer after my graduation, however, the year 2009 it was the global economic crisis, Sun was acquired by Oracle and no headcount for that campus hiring season.


  • The view from my seat at Oracle Beijing R&D campus. It was a big snow day when I took the photo.
  • It was a banner when Java celebrates Java’s 20 years’ birthday. We had a lot of celebration events when Java celebrated its 20th birthday. I wish more events will be there for Java when it comes to 2025.


  • ANZ Centre, Mebourne. (Photo from Internet). I had a chance to do business travel there for 3 months. It locates in Victoria habour and is a very very nice place to work.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are my own.


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